First Tier Development, LLC
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First-Tier Suburbs are communities located just outside the limits of major cities.  These mature suburbs consist of 40 to 60 year old housing built after World War II and have limited available land for new development. 

We focus on residential and mixed-use development opportunities targeting under utilized properties within these communities.  We value the triple bottom line approach to real estate development by measuring success based on;
- Economic profit
- Social responsibility (benefits future generations)
- Sustainable development (effective/efficient use of resources)

We develop low and medium density homes from Townhouses to Condominiums through the design/build process.  Amenities include:

- Walking distance to office, retail & restaurants
- New construction with classic details
- Maintenance free
- Energy efficient
- Sustainable materials
- Secure parking

We seek investors which value this approach to real estate development.

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